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hack game online miến phí

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July 2021

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Code game Kings Legion 2021

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Thành Viên Víp

Kings Legion – Package Codes List (March 2021) & How To Redeem Codes

Kings Legion is a popular strategy mobile game by TG Inc in which players build a mighty kingdom, train troops, conquer the world, and more.
To progress through the game, players must collect resources and other useful items.
Like in many other mobile games, the developers of Kings Legion has added a redeem code system, which allows players to redeem gifts on special occasions.
In this frequently updated guide, we list all the active codes for you to claim in Kings Legion.
Table of contents
Evony: The King's Return Gameplay and Puzzle Walkthrough

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Kings Legion codes

Active Codes

The following codes have been confirmed as being active as of the 2nd of March 2021.

  • There are currently no active codes to redeem in King’s Legion! Check back later for new codes.

If you’re having trouble redeeming the code, make sure to type it exactly as written above in terms of capitalization.
If you keep receiving an error message, the code has expired, or you aren’t eligible to receive it.
Expired Codes
All the following codes have previously worked but have now expired.

  • 101D6g6Y (5x 100 Gems, 10 Advanced Summon Tickets, 1 Fortuna’s Blessing, 2x 150k Food, 2x 150k Lumber, 2x 15k Gold)
  • 101jxE3Q
  • 101XQJ4M
  • 101CTz3W
  • 1014NBzq (200 Gems, 2 Advanced Summon Tickets)
  • 1017hR2y (2x 100 Gems, 1 Advanced Summon Ticket, 2x 30 minute Speedup for Construction)
  • 101spjGQ (200 Gems, 2 Advanced Summon Tickets)
  • 10198pYn (2x 100 Gems, 2 Advanced Summon Tickets)

How to redeem package codes

To redeem package codes in Kings Legion, head to either the world map or your castle.
Click your profile icon in the top left corner and go to ‘Settings’.
Click the present icon right above ‘Package Redeem’ and type in an active code under ‘Tap to input’.
Once you’ve entered an active code, press ‘Redeem’.
You will then instantly receive the contents of the code.
Check out the previous paragraph of this guide for active codes.

What are package redeem codes in Kings Legion

Package redeem codes in Kings Legion are special codes issued by the developers of the game for players to redeem.
When players redeem one of these codes in the game, they receive a variety of useful items and resources.
Package codes do not last forever, with some of them expiring after a specific amount of time while others expire when it’s been used by a specific number of players.
Usually, the developers of the game give package codes to content creators as a means to activate their audience.
The developers can, however, also issue codes under other circumstances, including new major updates, celebrations, and holidays.

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