hack game online miến phí
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hack game online miến phí

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Download hack game Idle Mania Mobile miễn phí

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Download hack game Idle Mania Mobile miễn phí
Auto Idle Mania ,Hack Idle Mania , Bug Idle Mania , Download hack Idle Mania mobile Free !
Download hack game Idle Mania Mobile miễn phí Mawtel1MW9Uod-sIiCYiON1M-LD9Tt5JBWX-PPc7YGjML6RR14uyz-e254nw2s5eD8TD=w720-h310-rw
The first 3D Poly RPG Idle mobile game! More than 150 heroes from 6 different factions with unique skills are waiting for your call to restore the order to the world. Let’s start a crazy adventure in the new 3D low-poly world —— Idle Mania!

★24H auto-fighting and level up!
No.1 AFK RPG! No more time-wasting! Say NO to complicated controlling and gestures. 24H auto-treasure-hunting when AFK. Release stress and claim great rewards after whole day work!

★150 amazing heroes, worthy of your collection.
Low-poly is the new trend in the 3D RPG world. Experience the first 3D RPG poly idle mobile game! Discover the fantastic heroes, including Pumpkin Archer, Ghost Warrior, Goblin Bomber, and Angel Guard. Surprises are in game everywhere!

★Strategic thinking, use your wisdom to get victory.
6 factions, including Lawful, Chaotic, Harmonic, Savage, Civilized, and Undead. Each faction has a distinct set of battle skill.

Idling does not mean playing without strategy, combat ability is always the key to success. Summon SSR heroes, arrange hero’s lineup place, to beat down the strong opponent!

★Global Rank, challenge top worldwide players.
The game opens up a variety of Rank points modes for challenging, including 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. Join the worldwide tournament to win the honor!

Faced with imminent chaotic invasion, the order is about to collapse. As a savior, player is tasked to summon the epic heroes from six factions and unite a clan team with other players around the world. This world needs you to create a new balance between order and chaos!

The adventure begins at this moment! Enjoy infinite fun of AFK RPG together! Let’s fight to evil power and challenge top players from all over the world in Idle Mania!
Các Tính Năng Nổi Bật của bản hack game Mobile: 
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• Hack Full shop Idle Mania
• Hack Full Idle Mania
• Auto Idle Mania
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